Meal Plan / Week 3 April 2019

We kicked off the first week of our participation in the six week Whole Life Challenge. That means recipes without wheat or sugar, and of course, no dairy. We promise you won’t miss any of them with these recipes! A few highlights are creamy veggie soup, zoodles with bacon, sausages with baked apples, spicy herby eggs, carrot “cake” bites, and tiramisu date energy balls.

Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

Saturday – You won’t miss the dairy in this savory, paleo-friendly, wheat- and sugar-free Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Pesto Zoodles with Bacon and Tomatoes

Sunday – Who knew zucchini could taste this good? Salty bacon and juicy tomatoes pair perfectly with fresh homemade vegan pesto in these Pesto Zoodles with Bacon.

One-Pan Sausages, Apples, and Onions

Monday – One-Pan Sausages, Apples, and Onions provide all the taste, almost none of the dirty dishes! This one-pan recipe is so simply and tasty, it’s made it onto our regular meal plan rotation.

Curry-Baked White Fish with Roasted Green Beans and Wild Rice

Tuesday – This nightshade- and dairy-free Curry Baked White Fish is simple and light, and pairs beautifully with Sweet Roasted Green Beans.

Indian-ish Baked Potatoes

Wednesday- We went way off script with the seasoning and sauce for these Indian-ish Baked Potatoes, and our instincts were rewarded with a mildly spicy, but heavily delicious, potato entree. We served this with a bright and beautiful green salad.

Chipotle Turkey Burgers with Guacamole and Roasted Potatoes

Thursday – Chipotle Turkey Burgers with Guacamole and Roasted Potato Wedges are another in our series of “not your typical burger and fries” dinners. These burgers are flavorful, their mild chipotle spice cooled with smooth guacamole. Roasted potatoes offer a healthier alternative to traditional fried taters.

Spicy Kuku Sabzi

Breakfast Special – Spicy Kuku Sabzi is a Persian-inspired herb frittata; the recipe offers flexibility and variety in the herbs you incorporate.

Vegan Pesto Dip with Fresh Veggies

Afternoon Snack – Vegan Pesto Dip with Fresh Veggies is the perfect way to use leftover homemade vegan pesto!

Tiramisu Date Energy Balls

Tiramisu Date Energy Balls – If you’re looking for a quick snack before a workout, or a pick-me-up with a cup of coffee, these are easy to make and have just a touch of sweetness.


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