Meal Plan / Week 14 July 2019

Another unusual week – all my boys went out of town and left me home alone, so I prepared mostly snack foods with only a few entrees. Even when I’m prepping for one, I still try to make healthy and tasty food. Enjoy these recipes, including sweet Vegan Carrot Cake, spicy Mango Salsa, easy Chicken White Bean Salad, and mouth-watering Coconut Rice with Nori!

Raspberry Beet Vegan Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast – This vegan vibrant Raspberry Beet Smoothie Bowl comes from “Run Fast. Eat Fast. Cook Slow.” The recipe produces enough for two hearty bowls; I ate my second serving the next day, and it was just as delicious as fresh from the blender!

Vegan Mac n Peas

Sunday – I made a huge batch of vegan and gluten-free Mac n Peas and split it with the boys – they took a container on the road, and I had a warm lunch pre-made for the week. Mid-mouthful, my younger son exclaimed, “it doesn’t taste like mac n cheese, but it’s delicious!” High praise indeed from a nine-year-old who’s normally happy with the boxed stuff!

Spicy Mango Salsa

Tuesday – I converted a big stack of corn tortillas into homemade crispy baked chips and served Spicy Mango Salsa for dipping. This super-simple salsa is fresh, sweet, and tangy.

Chicken White Bean Salad

Wednesday – This Chicken White Bean Salad is especially great for fast, low-cost sandwiches or salads. Simply add a scoop to a few slices of toasted bread or toss on top a bed of leafy greens.

Coconut Rice with Nori
Creamy Ginger Cashew Dip

Thursday – I paired together two side dishes to produce an exotic and flavorful meal. I loved the Coconut Rice with Nori on its own, and also enjoyed it for breakfast the next day with two fried eggs. The Creamy Ginger Cashew Dip would be amazing with crackers or toast; I roasted a head of broccoli and dipped until my belly was full!

Vegan Carrot Cake

Sweet Treat – I’d been wanting to make a Vegan Carrot Cake for a while, to satisfy my sweet tooth while also feeding my boys veggies. We all love carrot cake, so this was an easy win-win. The original recipe called for a three-layer cake, but I’m glad I baked only 1/3 of the original, because a single layer was just sweet enough.


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