Meal Plan / Week 22 August 2019

As I look at this week’s meal plan, it’s obvious that I had Autumn on my mind. It was inevitable, with both of our sons back in school and the sun setting earlier every evening. Our kitchen smelled like a cornucopia of delicious spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. We didn’t forgo summer entirely, having enjoyed a Summer Corn & Tomato Salad. These three recipes are among my favorite: Spiced Paleo Zucchini Bread, Apricot Ginger Dairy-Free Scones, and Simmered Chicken and Vegetables. I hope you enjoy these, too!

Apricot Ginger Dairy-Free Scones

The luscious scent of fresh ginger and orange zest filled our house while these Apricot Ginger Dairy-Free Scones baked. They’re wheat-free, made with almond flour and oats, and are also sugar-free, naturally sweetened with date paste and dried apricots. These are my new favorite!

Spiced Paleo Zucchini Bread

It is so much fun to find new ways to consume all the late summer squash we bring home each week from our farm basket! A few secret ingredients ramp up the autumnal yum in this Spiced Paleo Zucchini Bread.

Baked Potatoes with Vegan Cashew Sour Creme

Finally, I’ve found an easy recipe to make dairy-free sour cream! It’s something I’ve missed these past nine years, ever since learning of my dairy allergy. So while a baked potato wouldn’t typically be a cause for pause, Baked Potatoes with Vegan Cashew Sour Creme surely are worth a try!

Fish Sticks (Paleo) with Summer Corn & Tomato Salad

I wanted to make a truly kid-friendly meal that my husband and I would also enjoy. I discovered a recipe for fish sticks that I knew would be a winner. My version of Fish Sticks are Paleo and include extra seasoning. We served them with a chilled, fresh Summer Corn & Tomato Salad.

Simmered Chicken and Vegetables

If you’re looking for a light, healthy, and super-flavorful mid-week meal, I strongly recommend this Japanese-inspired Simmered Chicken and Vegetables. Our version included sweet and russet potatoes, carrots, green beans, celery root, and burdock. After examining the burdock closely, my boys both gave it a try and agreed that it tasted like a cross between carrot and parsnip. They both asked for seconds – high praise indeed!

Butternut Squash Latkes

Latkes are traditionally made from white potatoes, and include matzah meal as a binder. For this recipe, we added butternut squash into the mix, and served Butternut Squash Latkes with a sprinkle of green onion and a side of unsweetened applesauce.

Baked Chicken Salad

This isn’t really a recipe, it’s application of a concept that we use a few times each month at home. Grill or bake chicken (breasts or thighs) after marinating in your favorite seasonings (e.g. olive oil with balsamic vinegar, fresh ginger, or honey and mustard), slice, and add to the top of a beautiful fresh salad. That’s exactly what we did for this Baked Chicken Salad – the lettuce is dressed in a quick homemade balsamic vinaigrette and tossed with chopped bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, green onion, and avocado. Fast, colorful, and delicious!


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