Meal Plan / Week 23 September 2019

I think we’re finally settling into a back-to-school routine. Moving into high school has been a transition for all of our, not just for our older son. His days are longer, which means our days are longer, too. Whether intentional or subconscious, we responded by planning savory, comforting, low-maintenance dinners that required little attention while simmering on the stove top. We added tacos, of course, and a sweet vegan scone recipe. Enjoy!

Cornmeal Hotcakes

We’ve had a bag of cornmeal sitting in our pantry for more than a year, and I finally decided to do something to use up a significant portion. The Cornmeal Hotcakes recipe comes from a backpacking cookbook that my husband purchased 15 years ago. There are a lot of interesting looking recipes inside that I can’t wait to adapt and try!

Zucchini Risotto (Dairy Free)

We once again received a bounty of beautiful summer squash from our local farm basket. I found a recipe for risotto that used zucchini and dill, which inspired me to create a dairy free Zucchini Risotto with dill, fresh rosemary, and vegan Parmesan. Salty, creamy, and so good!

Maple Walnut Vegan Scones

I’ve become a bit obsessed with refining recipes for dairy-free and wheat-free scones. I think it comes from years of walking into coffee shops and having to pass up all the buttery goods filling their bakery cases. These Maple Walnut Vegan Scones are my latest triumph. They’re perfect for fall, and I’m so happy to share them!

Veracruz-Style Cod Stew

I used to be intimidated to cook fish, imagining that all recipes involving fish would be too complicated for me to manage and that I’d risk wasting a lot of money “ruining” it. Thankfully, I’m over that anxiety, and our entire family now benefits from my more positive state of mind. Veracruz-Style Cod Stew is a rustic one-pot dish flavored with fresh lemon, olives, capers, and pickled peppers. It’s a fast prep that’s colorful and delicious.

Bison Bolognese with Brown Rice Spaghetti

We’ve all but given up eating beef for a number of reasons, including environmental and health. These are also some of the reasons why we try to incorporate vegan and plant-lead recipes into our diet. Once in a while, I do crave something hearty and, well, meaty. This week, Bison Bolognese with loads of veggies over brown rice spaghetti (GF) curbed the craving.

Chipotle Jackfruit Tacos with Tacolicious Refried Beans

Last time we made a batch of Vegan Chipotle Jackfruit Tacos, we froze the leftovers. We pulled them out mid-week, defrosted the mixture, and served it with creamy Tacolicious Refried Beans and a fresh tomato salsa. Easy vegan dinner!

Grilled Chicken and Peppers with Pomegranate Peach BBQ Sauce

We grilled up a few pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and half-dozen red, yellow, and orange bell peppers, and brushed them all with a sweet and spicy Pomegranate-Peach BBQ Sauce. The leftover chicken made a lovely salad for lunch the next day!


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