Meal Plan / Week 24 September 2019

I’m training for a half-marathon, following a real plan with the goal of staying healthy and fit so I can complete the race without injury. The plan includes Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday runs, and between managing that schedule along with my normal professional and family responsibilities, this week just flew by. Before I had a chance to stop and catch my breath, it was Friday night and I was exhausted! Fortunately, we planned mid-week meals that were fast and easy. They were bookmarked with more time-intensive weekend specialties; I’m especially excited that we recreated a favorite from my childhood – blintzes! Without wheat or dairy, of course.

Spiced Almond Oatmeal

We started off the work week with a hearty, healthy, and naturally sweetened breakfast that we prepped on Sunday night. After soaking old-fashioned, gluten-free oats in homemade almond milk overnight, we warmed this Spiced Almond Oatmeal on the stove top in just minutes.

Apple and Mixed Berry Blintzes (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

One of my favorite childhood meals was blintzes filled with blueberry or apple compote or a sweet cheese blend. Flash forward *many* years later, and thanks to a dairy allergy and low-FODMAP diet, neither a wheat-based crepe or cheese-based filling will work. To say that this recipe for Apple and Mixed Berry Blintzes was delicious, would be an understatement. The entire family gobbled up the entire batch for dinner, and everyone wished we had doubled the recipe to enjoy leftovers! We did use the leftover Apple Compote and Mixed Berry Compote in place of jelly for toast.

Indonesian Fried Rice

I usually adapt recipes to adhere to a low-FODMAP diet, but this week I specifically sought out recipes from the Monash University FODMAP Blog. Why Monash? Click through to the Indonesian Fried Rice recipe to learn more. Our family enjoyed – and devoured – this fragrant rice dish.

Vietnamese Caramel Trout

It’s been a while since we’ve cooked anything with brown sugar; we typically opt for coconut sugar, date paste, or omit the sweetener altogether. But we’re trying to ease our younger son into more adventurous fish dishes, and the spicy-sweet flavor mix in this Vietnamese Caramel Trout stretched his comfort zone. The adults enjoyed bok choy while the boys favored steamed broccoli. As long as everyone ate a serving of greens, I didn’t argue!

Egg and New Potato Salad with Celery Root Remoulade

We usually have a sense of what our boys will love, tolerate, or hate as we’re preparing a meal. This Egg and New Potato Salad was a total surprise. The boys LOVED IT; they made some suggestions on how they felt the dressing could be improved, and asked when we’d make it again. This one felt like a major WIN for the parents. We served a Celery Root Remoulade on the side, just for the adults. Not having to share it with the boys also felt like a win. ๐Ÿ™‚


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