Meal Plans

Each post contains a week’s worth of dinners for 4 people plus a snack or treat.

Meal Plan / Week 15 July 2019

This is the first week of the summer Whole Life Challenge. I’m traveling for work, so I’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes from previous challenges. These are all delicious; you won’t go wrong giving any one of them a try! They’re all free of sugar, dairy, and wheat, […]


Meal Plan / Week 14 July 2019

Another unusual week – all my boys went out of town and left me home alone, so I prepared mostly snack foods with only a few entrees. Even when I’m prepping for one, I still try to make healthy and tasty food. Enjoy these recipes, including sweet Vegan Carrot Cake, […]


Meal Plan / Week 13 June 2019

All my boys were out of town this week, leaving fewer mouths to feed, and fewer meals to prepare – four dinners and one easy breakfast. Each of these recipes provides ample leftovers. Enjoy! I’m also excited to share a recent article I wrote that was published by the Whole […]


Meal Plan / Week 12 June 2019

Roasted veggies, fresh fish, and a birthday brunch for our now nine-year-old were the highlights of this week. We hope you enjoy! Saturday- Our younger son tossed in the chocolate chips for his birthday morning Peanut Butter Oven Pancake. With this recipe, you can turn any batch of pancakes into […]


Meal Plan / Week 11 June 2019

We brought home the most beautiful array of local seasonal vegetables in our farm basket this week, and it inspired a mostly vegan menu – we did throw a few eggs into the mix. We enjoyed dairy-free versions of dairy-heavy traditional standards, like grits, biscuits, rice pudding, and lime tarts. […]


Meal Plan / Week 10 June 2019

This was a challenging week for our family; our younger son had cochlear implant surgery on Monday; although the surgery went well and he’s recovering nicely, it was tiring and stressful, and it threw our typical weekday schedule off. We created a meal plan that focused on simplicity early in […]


Meal Plan / Week 9 May 2019

This week marked the end of the school year, and we attended a few extra end-of-year evening activities. This lead to us preparing five meals this week instead of our typical six; plus breakfast cookies that last all week, and a wheat-free baked fruit dessert that’s light and sweet. We […]


Meal Plan / Week 8 May 2019

All the recipes this week adhere to a Paleo diet – no grains, dairy, or sugar in any of the recipes. You’ll find fish, seafood, sausage, chicken, pork, and vegan options for delicious dinners, plus a smoothie and sweet sugar-free banana bread. This was our first time trying a full […]


Meal Plan / Week 7 May 2019

This week’s menu is global, with recipes originating in Africa, India, and Japan. It includes duck and lamb, two varieties of protein we don’t typically prepare but certainly enjoyed. We’ve also incorporated more standard fare like chicken and salmon, along with bright and flavorful vegan meals and two desserts. All […]


Meal Plan / Week 6 May 2019

We’ve got every meal covered this week. Enjoy our beautiful Fresh Artichoke Frittata for breakfast; celebrate another #tacotuesday with Vegan Chipotle Jackfruit Tacos for dinner; bring leftover Thai Curry Veggie Noodles with Chicken to work for lunch; and snack on sweet, sugar-free N’Oatmeal cookies. You’ll find turkey, chicken, pork, vegetarian, […]