Meal Plans

Each post contains a week’s worth of dinners for 4 people plus a snack or treat.

Meal Plan / Week 24 September 2019

I’m training for a half-marathon, following a real plan with the goal of staying healthy and fit so I can complete the race without injury. The plan includes Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday runs, and between managing that schedule along with my normal professional and family responsibilities, this week just flew by. Before I […]


Meal Plan / Week 23 September 2019

I think we’re finally settling into a back-to-school routine. Moving into high school has been a transition for all of our, not just for our older son. His days are longer, which means our days are longer, too. Whether intentional or subconscious, we responded by planning savory, comforting, low-maintenance dinners […]


Meal Plan / Week 22 August 2019

As I look at this week’s meal plan, it’s obvious that I had Autumn on my mind. It was inevitable, with both of our sons back in school and the sun setting earlier every evening. Our kitchen smelled like a cornucopia of delicious spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. We […]


Meal Plan / Week 21 August 2019

The summer Whole Life Challenge is over! Beginning next week, we’ll likely add beans and white potatoes back into our diet, a bit more corn, and a peek of coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup. For this week, most of our recipes are Paleo with a few Vegan options. The […]


Meal Plan / Week 20 August 2019

This is the last week of the summer Whole Life Challenge! We tried some new things including grilled pineapple, dairy-free Chicken Tikka Masala, raw brussels sprouts salad, and a peach blueberry Paleo crumble. This was also our last week of summer; school starts for both boys and we’re all excited. […]


Meal Plan / Week 19 August 2019

We’re still playing the Whole Life Challenge, so this week’s recipes are mostly Paleo (or paleo + rice). We had fun this week, enjoying Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes for dinner mid-week, experimenting with pork belly, and loving Strawberry Cashew Chia Pudding (Vegan). Friends joined us for dinner over the weekend, and […]


Meal Plan / Week 18 July 2019

We’re halfway through the Summer ’19 Whole Life Challenge! We’re exploring two new Paleo cookbooks that we found at our public library – “Sheet Pan Paleo” by Pamela Ellgen and “Paleo Comfort Foods” by Julie & Charles Mayfield. We’ve had success adapting recipes from both, though I’m currently favoring the […]


Meal Plan / Week 17 July 2019

During the second week of this Whole Life Challenge, we decided to challenge ourselves by adhering to the Performance nutrition guidelines. Basically, in addition to no dairy, sugar, or wheat we eliminated beans, corn, white potatoes, and rice from our diet. We ate a LOT of vegetables and learned that […]


Meal Plan / Week 16 July 2019

I was away from home most of the week on a work trip; since my husband and I share meal planning and cooking, he had no problems maintaining a healthy, Whole Life Challenge compliant menu at home. He prepared a beautiful Watermelon Salad and Japanese Curry Rice, and I used […]


Meal Plan / Week 15 July 2019

This is the first week of the summer Whole Life Challenge. I’m traveling for work, so I’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes from previous challenges. These are all delicious; you won’t go wrong giving any one of them a try! They’re all free of sugar, dairy, and wheat, […]