Entrees, sides, desserts; snacks and smoothies; breakfast, lunch, dinner. All recipes are dairy-free and low FODMAP friendly; most are wheat-free and sugar-free too!

PlumPetals Spinach Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

We discovered this recipe from Ayesha of PlumPetals, who also participates in the Whole Life Challenge. The only adjustment we made to this vegan dish to make FODMAP friendly, was to swap the garlic with fresh ginger. This is an easy and flavorful vegan dish. One mushroom cap is great […]


Tiramisu Date Energy Balls

If you’re looking for a quick snack before a workout, or a pick-me-up with a cup of coffee, these energy balls are easy to make and have just a touch of sweetness. The original recipe came from Jamie Geller, but we amped up the coffee quota a bit to add […]


Pesto Zoodles with Bacon and Tomatoes

Who knew zucchini could taste this good? This is a fresh and flavorful rainbow on your plate! Salty bacon and juicy tomatoes pair perfectly with fresh, homemade vegan pesto. Thanks to Paleo Running Momma for the original recipe. Since a major ingredient of pesto is garlic, we adjusted the recipe […]


Vegan Pesto Dip

After enjoying Pesto Zoodles with Bacon and Tomatoes earlier in the week, we had a healthy portion of leftover vegan pesto in our fridge. We created a perfect “second chance” to enjoy the pesto – simply stir in a bit of plain, unsweetened cashewgurt or other non-dairy (plain, unsweetened) yogurt, […]


Indian-ish Baked Potatoes

This is a decidedly non-traditional approach to “baked potatoes” and we veered far off-script from The New York Times’ original recipe with our seasoning and sauce choices. Our instincts were rewarded with a mildly spicy, but heavily delicious, potato entree. We served this as an entree and kept our meal […]


Roasted Potato Wedges

This recipe is a simple formula you can adjust in three ways: by the variety of potato, the seasonings you use, and the style of cut you select. So while this example includes russet potatoes seasoned with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper and sliced into large wedges, you […]


Chipotle Turkey Burgers

Another in our series of “not your typical burger and fries”, the mild chipotle spice in these turkey burgers is cooled by smooth guacamole. Roasted potato wedges offer a healthier alternative to traditional fried taters.  


One-Pan Sausages, Apples, and Onions

All of the flavors with almost none of the dirty dishes! This one-pan recipe is so simply and tasty, it’s made it onto our regular meal plan rotation. We simply swap out the type of sausage. We’re always on the lookout for good, sugar-free sausage that also low-FODMAP friendly without […]


Spicy Kuku Sabzi

Kuku Sabzi is a Persian-inspired herb and egg frittata; it’s a spring-time dish that’s typically served to celebrate the Persian new year. We adapted this from a Jamie Geller recipe, and definitely added our own low-FODMAP spin. The recipe offers flexibility and variety in the herbs you can incorporate. We […]