Wheat Free

Breads, cakes, cookies, pasta – all the yum, none of the wheat!

Carrot “Cake” Bites

During the Whole Life Challenge, we like to find recipes that address our sweet tooth without needing to add sugar. We discovered these Carrot “Cake” Bites from The Paleo Mom, which we made even healthier and vegan by using a secret ingredient to replace the unsalted butter in the original […]


Yin and Yang Sesame Almond Crackers

Between Passover and the Whole Life Challenge, we’ve been struggling with finding satisfying crunchy, savory snacks to fulfill our mid-afternoon cravings. These Yin and Yang Sesame Almond Crackers helped. They pair really well with Baba Ghanoush, or smeared with some soft vegan cheese (like our favorites from Miyoko’s).  


Chicken Casserole

If you’re looking for an easy dinner that’s kid-friendly, low cost, and enables you to make use of random leftover veggies in your fridge, then this Chicken Casserole is your answer. We were inspired by the Fish Loaf recipe from PlumPetals and since we didn’t have any canned fish in […]


Lemongrass Chicken with Persian Quinoa

For Passover this year, we focused on recipes that avoided matzah. This savory combo of spicy lemongrass stewed chicken and Jamie Geller’s Persian Quinoa is perfect for Passover or all year round. We kept the quinoa sugar-free, and we found the fresh orange juice added just enough brightness.  


Avocado Tacos with Ricolicious

After a really long work day, we always look forward to an easy and comforting dinner. For us, tacos always fit the bill. This week, we went super-simple with Avocado Tacos. You don’t really need a recipe for these tacos, but we did want to share the Ricolicious recipe that […]


Tiramisu Date Energy Balls

If you’re looking for a quick snack before a workout, or a pick-me-up with a cup of coffee, these energy balls are easy to make and have just a touch of sweetness. The original recipe came from Jamie Geller, but we amped up the coffee quota a bit to add […]


Simple Avocado Toast

It really doesn’t get any more beautiful than this – fresh avocado, warm crusty bread, olive oil, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. We love Udi’s Millet-Chia bread, but really, any two slices of your favorite toast will do. This is a great building block for so many delicious […]