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Cajun Pork Burgers with Corn Maquechoux

We celebrate late summer with a twist on classic grilled sausage and corn-on-the-cob: Rachael Ray’s Cajun Pork Burgers from “Thirty Minute Meals 2“, with Corn Maquechoux. Pronounced “MOCK SHOE”, this is a dish from southwest Louisiana that the Cajuns learned from local Native American tribes. The original recipe from The […]


Cornmeal Hotcakes

There are many reasons to keep your kitchen pantry tidy, including finding hidden food items that you can quickly turn into a meal. I noticed a bag of cornmeal sitting in our pantry, and realized it had been there for more than a year. I sought out a weekend brunch […]


Summer Corn & Tomato Salad

As with so many of our veggie dishes, our mystery farm basket delivery precipitated this recipe. We received a bag of beautiful, ripe and sweet tomatoes. The original recipe, from “Bi-Rite Market’s Eat Good Food“, is a bit more complex than our version. It’s a fresh and delicious salad that […]


Confetti Corn

While cleaning out our freezer a few weeks ago, we noticed a large unopened bag of frozen corn. Thanks to Ina Garten’s “Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics” we found the perfect way to use it. We kept the recipe vegan by using Miyoko’s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter and found […]